Fee Schedule


Independent Medical Examination: $500 minimum fee


The average charge is $1000.  No fee will exceed $1500 without prior discussion with the scheduling agency.  The fee is based on an hourly physician charge of $300 where a comprehensive medical examination, medical file review, appropriate literature review, and report writing takes 2.5 to 3.5 hours.


Medical File Review: $300 minimum fee


Supplemental Report: $75 minimum fee


Deposition: $500 minimum fee


The deposition fee covers one hour of deposition time in the Santa Monica/West Los Angeles area.  Depositions over one hour are billed at $300 per hour, pro-rated.  Depositions out of the above area will be billed for travel time at $150 per hour, pro-rated.


Consulting Fee: $300 per hour


This fee is for activities such as conferences, literature research and on-site visits


No Show fee for IMEs and Depositions: $500


Cancellation three or more business days in advance: no fee

Cancellation less than three business days in advance: $250

Cancellation less than one business day in advance: $500


The above cancellation and no show fees may not be imposed for unusual circumstances, such as severe weather or verified illness.  Case settlement will not result in a fee waiver.



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Updated July 4, 2004